"We applied this to the many varied expenses we incur to run our Drop-In Centre - which sees over 300 women per day/night. The Drop-In Centre provides a hot meal, medical care, a safe refuge and programming referrals for street-based sex workers that self-identify as women."
Throughout Whitehorse's Canadian tour dates we partnered with local non-profit organizations who are fighting for the rights of sex workers. We are allies in this effort to decriminalize and destigmatize sex work in our country. Through Patron Saint of the Lonely Hearts t-shirt sales and through your generous additional donations together we raised over $2500, all of which went directly to the local organizations working on the ground with our communities.

Here is a little more on how these dollars were put into action:

"We raised more then 1/2 a months rent which as a collective 100% community funded is a huge deal for us!! This is community!"

"All money that comes to us goes directly to support programs-pays staff, buys supplies, let's us hire a cleaner once in a while."

"The donation will be used to launch our "Sex Workers Welcome" program to train local organizations and businesses to become more welcoming of sex workers."

Thank you to these amazing organizations, and thank you to our fans.